Engaging, informative, delightful...that’s what I want all digital product experiences to be like.

I‘m a creative problem-solver with over 20 years of experience in managing creative teams and leading research, design and technology strategy projects. I love to be working at the fuzzy front end, exploring new mediums, such as VR and MR, as well as learning about how advancements such as machine learning can be brought into product development. I’m a prominent contributor to the UX/Tech community in Dublin, where I run initiatives such as UXSketchClub. I’m always happy to talk product design, so get in touch.

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See how I’ve used six key areas of focus to deliver for clients.

user testing lab

User Research

Think you know your users? Using research methods, from one-on-one interviews to tracking eye movements, allow me to create the right product or service to suit their needs.

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Sketched designs

User Experience Design

The best design is more than just a bunch of layouts. It delivers an overall experience that is satisfying for your users, maybe even with some small moments of delight.

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Your users are the real experts. Getting the prototype design into their hands is a crucial step that could save expensive mistakes.

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Concept sketches

Concept Development

There is a time to be open and flexible to generate ideas, and a time to be decisive, rapidly and precisely evaluating those ideas and refining the very best ones to create the concept.

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Research themes diagram

Vision & Strategy

Design needs to fit into a wider ecosystem of business, technology, innovation & implementation.

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requirements grid

Innovation Management

Leading R&D is about providing vision, direction and an environment to get the best out of the smart people on your team.

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I’m an active member of Dublin’s vibrant design and web community. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest developments in online communication and design, and come up with some new ideas of my own.

Photo of speaking

Speaking & Mentoring

Being invited to share my expertise and knowledge with colleagues in the business is one of the perks of my years of experience.

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Sketched graphic


I host UX sketching evenings to allow people a chance to practise sketching for communicating ideas, clarifying their thinking and collaborative storyboarding through fast, stimulating and fun exercises.

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IXDA calendar graphic

Interaction Design Association

I am a former local leader for the IxDADublin group involved in organising events for the interaction design community in Dublin.

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Getting away from the connected world for a while gives your head a chance to refresh. Here are some things I like to do when I'm not in front of a screen.

Painting of peacock

Silk Painting

It’s really nice to be able to give friends and family a gift that you have created especially for them.

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Greenwood chair


It's a very satisfying feeling to sit in a chair that you built yourself from greenwood branches.

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Photo at Machu Pichu

Hiking, Biking, Travelling

When not working I'm happy to just be out on my bike or up a mountain. When I get the chance I love to visit and explore different countries and cultures.

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